K105 Series: future is here

Complete range formed by isodiametric versions with central articulation, steering wheels or Dualsteer® system, SDT versions with differentiated wheels or Sky Jump rubber track on rear axle. Phase 3B engine, 98 HP

The K105 Series is the first range of specialised tractors equipped with Phase 3B engine satisfying the new and stricter standards on emission control required by European regulations.

The state-of-the-art Common Rail engine installed on K105 Series guarantees an extreme reduction of toxic emissions of particulate, hydrocarbons and nitric oxide.

A green leadership converted into more efficient fuel saving, less noise and improved operating comfort, without giving up the performance by the 98 HP.



Leistung KW/PS

Nenndrehzahl (U/Min)

Anzahl der Zylinder

Hubraum (ccm)


Max. Drehmoment (Nm/Drehzahl)

Kubota V3800 CR-TE4

72,1 / 98





330 / 1500

Modell Kubota V3800 CR-TE4
Leistung KW/PS 72,1 / 98
Nenndrehzahl (U/Min) 2400
Anzahl der Zylinder 4
Hubraum (ccm) 3769
Ansaugung Turbo
Max. Drehmoment (Nm/Drezahl) 330 / 1500